Welcome to TravelCritix, the holiday planning website!

The idea to create TravelCritix was born out of our own experience as booking customers. Travel is one of our greatest passions in life. As the old saying goes:


“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page” (St. Augustine)

As consumers we are now so saturated with companies trying to lure us with all sorts of promotions that we often find ourselves literally lost in cyberspace! In fact, several studies on travel purchasing behaviour have shown that we are spending huge amounts of time visiting dozens of websites in the run up to our holidays.

Faced with such a scenario, it occurred to us… Why not create a website with everything we would like to have while planning a holiday? So that instead of hopping from one website to another in search of information and low-cost offers, we could do all our travel research in one place. Thus we started to work on it.


What is TravelCritix?

TravelCritix is a forum, a reviews site and a deals blog. It is a forum with questions and answers. It is also an open platform where you can publish reviews on any travel-related subject. Have you been on a cruise? Tell us about it. Have you had a great experience flying first-class with an airline? Share it on here. Would you like to complain about something? Use our website to voice your concerns. Furthermore, we post the best daily deals from all over the internet along with other important money-saving tips. Finally, we have incorporated the finest price comparison tools of the web to our site. We have car hire, hotels, tours and activities, as well as an amazing and equally unique multi-modal transport search engine.

We are a small team of travel-obsessed people who are entirely dedicated to finding the lowest prices, the most relevant news and writing honest consumer reports. TravelCritix is also 100% independent. This means that we are not a owned or controlled by any major corporations.

We hope that we have succeeded in creating the only travel website you can’t live without, or at least one of your favourite ones 🙂

Enjoy using TravelCritix and keep travelling!