The idea to create TravelCritix was born out of our own experience as online booking customers

Travel is one of our greatest passions. Visiting places we have never been to, discovering new foods and the exposure to different cultures are some of the most rewarding experiences we have had in life.
As the old saying goes:

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page” (St. Augustine)

However, we had become increasingly frustrated with the travel industry. As more and more of us are now booking trips online, the internet has been flooded with a torrent of websites offering last minute deals, daily offers, discount clubs, price checks and loyalty programs.

With so many commercial interests at stake, the online travel space is more saturated and convoluted than ever before. Booking a holiday is now a tedious process that involves the need to research your destination, compare prices, sign-up to newsletters, obtain bonus points, pay for the extras, etc. And always remember to read the small print.

All we wanted was a site with honest, unbiased and straight-to-the-point information of how to get from A to B, so we could quickly book our flight, train, day tour, hotel… Since we could not find one, we decided to create it ourselves.

We know there are some amazing price comparison sites out there. In fact we power our search functionality with some of the best in the market. There are also some great travel guides with lots of detailed, often outdated and at times free information. We have no intention of competing against either of them.

What TravelCritix is really about is: Simple point-to-point and country travel recommendations, based on experience. We invite everybody to contribute to the site and create the best possible resource to help other fellow travellers.

If you are the type of person who likes booking all-inclusive holidays this site is definitely not for you. But if visiting our site helped you decide, for example, how to travel between London and Paris, or how to reach Patagonia… if we took the headache out of the booking process, and inspired you to go somewhere you have never been before… then maybe, just maybe, we have succeeded.