Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is TravelCritix free?

Yes, TravelCritix is and will always be 100% free to use.

2. How does TravelCritix make money?

TravelCritix is financed mainly via referral fees. We get a small % commission when users click through an affiliate link and make a purchase.

3. When are links monetized and when not?

We want to be transparent about this so every time we use an affiliate link we include an asterisk symbol (*) and enable you to make your own decisions. We do hope that you like the site and choose the ones that help pay for its maintenance.

4. Do the reviews have a commercial bias?

Absolutely not. We never compromise the integrity of the site for the opportunity to make a quick buck. In fact many of the links available on the site are not affiliated. When something is good, it’s good, and when it’s bad it’s bad. Our reviews are based on experiences and are aimed at helping other travellers make better choices. We do not allow commercial interests to interfere with the editorial independence of the site.

5. Can you link to my site and vice versa?

We provide links because we feel they are relevant to the story or review. This includes links to our commercial partners. The sites we link to also have to be in English or provide an English version, with few exceptions. We do not link to sites otherwise. You are welcome to link to TravelCritix as long as you are not abusive or threaten the integrity of the site, for instance by making it appear we endorse your product.

6. I would like to write a review for the site

You are free to comment on any post as long as you respect certain basic rules (no offensive material, etc). We do welcome review contributions but understand we need to maintain certain standards in the quality of the reviews. Please get in touch with us if you would like to discuss this further.

7. I would like to advertise on TravelCritix

We only allow companies to advertise in the banner spaces provided for that purpose. Advertising anywhere else, including review posts, is strictly prohibited, so please do not ask.

8. The site is very slow, or not working properly

Please let us know if you experience any technical difficulties accessing the site.

9. Why are some country pages empty?

Every route and every country reviewed has a lot of work behind it. We do a lot of research and try many of the routes ourselves, to be able to give you information that is as accurate and concise as possible. Because of this, we would rather refrain from posting false or unverified information just to keep the site going.

10. Changes, cancellations and refunds

We are a travel content site and want to help plan your trip but we do not take bookings or payments of any kind. We simply refer you to airlines, hotels, car hire companies, travel agencies, etc to where to make a purchase and do not hold any personal details. This means your booking is with them, not TravelCritix, and you should contact the service provider with any questions regarding changes, cancellations or refunds.

11. I have found some incorrect information on the site

While we do endeavour to create accurate reviews, we recognize it is impossible to get it right all of the time. Airlines start new routes, companies go bust, new roads are built, etc. Please do not hold it against us if we make a mistake. If you spot an error do let us know about it via the contact form.

12. The approximate price you display is very different from the actual price

The prices we display are there to give you a rough idea of the budget required and help you with your decision. Prices fluctuate for many reasons, including demand, promotions and floating currencies. We do try as best we can to inform you of this and give you a general picture of a particular fare throughout the year. Common sense applies so expect prices to rise during peak season.

13. Can you help me book a plane ticket or recommend an airline so that I can go visit my grandmother this Christmas?

No, sorry. We do not have the resources to handle such individual requests.

14. Why do you always display prices in several currencies?

Our editorial policy is to always display prices in local currency as well as their Pound Sterling and US Dollar equivalent for international reference. For example for a route review between Barcelona and Tangiers we will display prices in Euros, Moroccan Dirhams, Pounds and US Dollars.

15. Can I sign up to your newsletter?

We will begin regular mailouts when we have figured out how to create a newsletter that is interesting enough to read without becoming annoying and full of the same stuff as everybody else. In the mean time we recommend you follow our updates via social media or RSS.